Get to Know the Neoprene Fetish

Get to Know the Neoprene Fetish

Having a
Neoprene fetish is something that some guys will simply refuse to discuss with
anyone. They think that people are going to misunderstand the concept of
Neoprene and see them as only wearing those jogging and biking shorts from the
1980’s. I guess I could understand why they wouldn’t want people to think they
wore something like that all the time. I wouldn’t want people thinking I was
wearing those shorts, either. The truth is, however, that Neoprene these days
has taken a completely different path in the clothing world from what it used
to be almost thirty years ago.

My Neoprene
fetish consists of sex wear that I use in the bedroom most of the time. I don’t
really have the need to wear them anywhere else personally, but there are guys
that will wear some kind of Neoprene item while they are out during the day. I
can understand wanting to wear their Neoprene out in public, but I am just not
comfortable with it like that just yet. Although there are a few items that I
have my eye on right now that I might end up trying to wear out in public at
some point in the future.

Having a
Neoprene fetish is not something to feel ashamed about by anyone. This material
is probably one of the most widely used materials in general clothing these
days and, even if you don’t have a fetish for it, you are probably wearing
something that has it in the design. Even shoes are starting to see Neoprene
becoming widely used in the creation because of the wonderful properties it
holds. But I do enjoy wearing something that is completely Neoprene and looks
extremely sexy over the causal usage of today’s clothing. It gives me a reason
to get turned on and have some fun when I need it to.

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