What’s All This about a Neoprene fetish

Neoprene Fetish

What’s All This about a Neoprene

Having a Neoprene fetish is something that you
should really be proud of. Did you know that just a few short years ago there
was no such thing as Neoprene and there was no way that you could hide yourself
off in a closet somewhere and enjoy the luscious feel of this wonderful
material? Well, now you can and that is exactly what thousands of men and women
all over the world are currently doing, minus the closet, of course. They are
still having the time of their lives with these items, and that is what having
a fetish is all about.

So what is
it about the Neoprene fetish that
strikes a chord with men all over the world? Is it the feel of the materials as
it gently caresses their genitals? Is it the slight restrictive quality that
this material brings that continuously puts you on the edge of orgasm just by
wearing it? Whatever the reason, the guys that love wearing this material will
do just about anything to get their hands on, or cocks in as the case may be, a
brand new Neoprene suit. This is something that will make you wonder how life
could have ever been lived before Neoprene was invented.

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One thought on “What’s All This about a Neoprene fetish

  1. I absolutely love the feel of Neoprene against my body. I would have to say that the reason I love it so much has a lot to do with the slight yet distinctive restriction that certain styles can give me. It’s like taking a long drive in a car and having your pants push against your cock the entire time. The constant movement of the vehicle causes your cock to start to become erect but only to a certain degree. That is the most erotic feeling ever for me.
    I spend a lot of time looking for different styles of Neoprene to wear and, while not all of them have a restrictive quality to them, I still enjoy wearing them. The material is unlike anything else available today and makes me feel more confident when I am wearing it. I know that sounds odd to most people out there, but that level of confidence is just what I need to make it through the day and still be able to relax when I get home. There is nothing better than sitting out by the pool in something made of Neoprene with a cold drink in your hand after a long hard day at work.