Ways to Enjoy Your Neoprene Fetish

Ways to Enjoy Your Neoprene Fetish

One of the biggest and fastest growing fetishes is
the Neoprene fetish. This material is something that becomes quite addictive
once you put on an item or garment created from it. Neoprene is described as an
extremely versatile synthetic rubber material that is water resistant and can
be very comfortable. It can also be molded into just about anything you want
for your fetish. You can have clothing items made or you can even get Neoprene
sheets for when you want to do some serious playing on your bed. These sheets will
protect your mattress from whatever type of liquid you may be using to play in.

In addition, you’ll find many different types of
body wear for people with a Neoprene fetish. These can be anything from shorts
and shirts to full body suits. You may also find slave hoods made from
Neoprene. If you happen to be into water sports of some sort, this is one of
the materials that you’ll want to look into for your sex play.

Many times, couples like to pour liquids like
vegetable oil on a sheet of Neoprene. Then, they lay down on the sheet and
start to have sex while sliding in the vegetable oil. It is said to be a very
sensual experience for both partners and, by the end of the experience, both
are usually covered in oil from head to toe. While they will need a heavy duty
shower, the Neoprene is safe and can be simply hosed down and it’s as good as
new for when you want to use it the next time.

Now, you don’t have to have a Neoprene fetish in
order to enjoy this material, but you’ll find that it will enhance your sexual
encounters if you happen to be very fond of it.


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