Loving neoprene fetish you must be into Lycra too!

If neoprene turns you on, if you love wearing neoprene, if you have a neoprene fetish most likely you are into spandex Lycra too.

They go hand and hand. When I was a surfer most of the guys would wear board shorts under their neoprene wetsuits but I always would wear a micro thong or g-string. Neoprene and spandex gets me hard and gets me wet every time and it was fun being aroused all the time. Only the gay surfer knew I was wearing these because I would show them, the girls too loved to see the different suits I would wear some very extreme even cock exposing. I would always be completely shaved and felt more like one of the girls when wearing these sexy suits.

My favorite site is Koalaswim.com Link:  Mens Swimwear their designs just blow me away. Though I would post some photos from their site I doubt they will mind:-)