Spandex sex wear and extreme mens swimwear to wear under neoprene

Highly likely if you are reading this blog you love tight neoprene around your cock or pussy. Yes I know because I am turned on by it too.

To enhnace the effect I love wearing extreme spandex sex wear and micro mens swimwear. The awesome spot for guys with a neoprene fetish is they take care of my cock and can handle yours too!

example of their design


There are
plenty of swimwear designs on the market that can give you a little extra
something in the back end, but only the
gives you that extra something and nothing else. You see,
swimwear has always been classified in bikini, G-string, and thong styles. But
the Analmation takes swimwear to new
heights by not having any kind of classification other than extremely sexy and
orgasmic to wear. This comes from the fact that you are not only getting a
pouch in front to show off your cock, but it’s all held together with the Ass
Spark and there is no material in the back end.

That’s right,
guys; the only strap you have on this particular style is the one that goes
around your waste and the pouch is literally held on by that lovely bit of
metal that slides in nice and deep. Now you can get the perfect tan out in the
backyard without worrying about any tan lines that might show up from having a
full back bikini, or g-string, or even thong strap. How great would that be for
you when all you want to do is lie back and enjoy yourself?

little secret that you are going to love about this particular style is the
wide adjustable Spandex strap that secretly hides itself away in the pouch. You
won’t have any problems with filling that pouch out no matter how small your
precious cock may be. Just tighten that strap up around it and watch it grow
out enough to take that pouch on with all its glory. There are plenty of
designs available that incorporate straps, Ass Sparks, and even pouches; but
very few of them are going to give them all to you in a package that is as hot
and sexy as this Analmation is going
to be for you.