A Neoprene Fetish for More Pleasure in your Life


I know some people don’t like the fact that I have a neoprene fetish. Actually there are many people in the world that think it’s wrong to have any kind of fetish let alone one that involves neoprene, but I don’t pay any attention to those people. My fetish is all about me and the pleasure I feel while I am enjoying it. I don’t have to ask them for permission to wear my neoprene items. I don’t have to listen to anything they say in my personal life so I can enjoy my fetish whenever I want regardless of what others might think.

Now that my little rant is over about people not accepting my neoprene fetish, I can tell you about why I enjoy it so much. There are few things in life that can bring you the type of happiness and comfort that my neoprene can bring to me. I have done all the things in life that were expected of me and found pleasure in just about all of them. However, my neoprene is something completely different from any of these things. Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary to see what your life could really be like.


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I never would have thought that having a neoprene fetish would be as much fun as it has become for me, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Wearing my first neoprene item was a bit uncomfortable, but I did eventually get used to it. Now it’s all I can think about and I am thankful that there are designs that I can wear under my clothes throughout the day. The only true way of enjoying a fetish like this is by being able to wear your items anytime you want no matter where or what you might be doing.

Get to Know the Neoprene Fetish

Get to Know the Neoprene Fetish

Having a
Neoprene fetish is something that some guys will simply refuse to discuss with
anyone. They think that people are going to misunderstand the concept of
Neoprene and see them as only wearing those jogging and biking shorts from the
1980’s. I guess I could understand why they wouldn’t want people to think they
wore something like that all the time. I wouldn’t want people thinking I was
wearing those shorts, either. The truth is, however, that Neoprene these days
has taken a completely different path in the clothing world from what it used
to be almost thirty years ago.

My Neoprene
fetish consists of sex wear that I use in the bedroom most of the time. I don’t
really have the need to wear them anywhere else personally, but there are guys
that will wear some kind of Neoprene item while they are out during the day. I
can understand wanting to wear their Neoprene out in public, but I am just not
comfortable with it like that just yet. Although there are a few items that I
have my eye on right now that I might end up trying to wear out in public at
some point in the future.

Having a
Neoprene fetish is not something to feel ashamed about by anyone. This material
is probably one of the most widely used materials in general clothing these
days and, even if you don’t have a fetish for it, you are probably wearing
something that has it in the design. Even shoes are starting to see Neoprene
becoming widely used in the creation because of the wonderful properties it
holds. But I do enjoy wearing something that is completely Neoprene and looks
extremely sexy over the causal usage of today’s clothing. It gives me a reason
to get turned on and have some fun when I need it to.

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Living with and Loving My Neoprene Fetish

Living with and Loving My Neoprene Fetish

Living with
a neoprene fetish is much easier than most of the other fetishes I have been
involved in during my life. I have found that there are quite a few fetishes
out there that you can’t simply enjoy throughout the entire day. Some of those
even require a great deal of preparation before you get to have fun with it. But
you can always enjoy the simplistic comfort of neoprene no matter what you are
doing. I even have fun with this fetish while I am working and no one is the
wiser. How many other fetishes can you say that about these days? It’s truly
something to experience, and that is exactly what I intend to do on a regular

The first
thing I realized about my neoprene fetish is the fact that there are way more
designs based on this material than any other fetish based clothing items. I
was very impressed with the fact that just about everything that is offered in
neoprene can be worn under the clothes I normally wear, which allows me the
chance to go out in public and still enjoy my fetish. Try doing something like
that with leather or PVC based clothing and see how long it takes for someone
else to figure out what you are wearing.

I enjoy my
neoprene fetish so much that I have almost traded in all the clothing I have
for the same things made out of neoprene. Granted, there are still some things
I can’t get my hands on but, for the most part, I would have to say that at
least 60 percent of my wardrobe now consists of items that are made out of
neoprene. The most difficult thing about having a fetish like this is in
choosing what I am going to wear next. I have so many different items that it
always takes me a while before I am capable of deciding what I am going to wear
for the day. As far as I’m concerned, though, that’s a good problem.


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Coming Out with Neoprene Fetish

Coming Out with Neoprene Fetish

Having a neoprene fetish is something that a lot of
guys don’t like to talk about even with their closest friends and family
members. The sad thing is that this type of fetish isn’t something that you
should be ashamed of. In fact, this is probably one of the easiest fetishes to
explain to people if they have any questions about it. You just have to be
willing to put a part of yourself out there that you might not be comfortable
with and hope that they accept you regardless. Thankfully, most people don’t
look at neoprene as something overly perverted for the most part.

While most people may not look down on a neoprene
fetish, they simply aren’t aware of some of the most erotic options that are
available. If they were, then they would probably have more questions than you
would have answers for. Either way you look at it, being able to tell the
people closest to you that you have a fetish involving neoprene is something
you should at least attempt to do. You never know when an acquaintance or
friend might have the same fetish that you do and they can help you enjoy it
even more.

If you would prefer not to disclose your neoprene
fetish to anyone you know, but you still want to share it with someone, then
you might want to look around online. There are numerous forums and sites on
the Internet that are centered on this type of fetish. These are the places you
will be able to share everything you enjoy about your fetish with people that
understand you. They know why you enjoy wearing neoprene and they aren’t going
to be freaked out by anything you have to say. It really is a win/win situation
for you and the people you are talking to.

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